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The worst city I’ve visited is… December 6, 2006

Posted by scarfaccio in Interesting.

Dear friends,
for my first subject I’ve choosed an easy one.
I think that probably happened to everybody to visit a city, in one of your travel (vacation, work, fun, dating), and being very disappointed because there’s nothing to see or very few interesting things to do.
You all know that I’ve traveled like a bastard and I’ve lived in three continents, but a city worse than Ánkara….never seen in my life!
Only governative and military buildings, a city built only to be a capital! :-O Guys, amazing! I remember the 3 days I spent there like some of the most boring days of my life. I remember I’ve gone there with my girlfriend in order to meet a very close friend of her. Her name was Burcu (even the name sounded crap!). We arrived there early in the morning by train and the weather was very very very cold! At least 7 degrees less than Bursa (the city I was living in). I remember that we waited inside a bus which was not going to leave for at least one hour.
Finally Burcu arrived to catch us, she was living there because she was studying kind of Economy, but don’t ask me too much about it, please!!! She had three student roommates and her house’s location was really weird, so I thought that at least the center of Ánkara could be better……ok Pietro, lucky you that still believe in tales!!
We didn’t do anything more than eating Turkish sweets the whole day, walking and seeing nothing! The only nice thing we did, was going into the highest tower in the city and watching the night lights of it.
At least in the last day I’ve meet a Turkish poet, which had a secret affair with Burcu, and which tried to convince me that if Turkey is still backward it’s not their fault. “So, who’s fault, then?” was my answer. I only received very general and utopic replies. Although, meeting this man turned the journey in a cultural trip.
Belo Horizonte is a good competitor of Ánkara, but still is a piece of cake in front of the Turkish capital!

Let me know your experiences.