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Warsaw January 19, 2008

Posted by scarfaccio in What's new.

Ciao belli!

It’s me, the smart good looking guy! … … … … as if!

Well, anyway, as you probably know I moved to Poland last Monday and it has been already 5 nice days.

I live in a residential complex with surveillance 24/7, a little bit far from the bus stop, but definitely really nice! My apartment is 240 square meters and, although the echo inside is still strong, it’s really well furnished. I share this place with a Canadian guy (Paul) who’s bilingual (English and French, of course) and has a Polish girlfriend (Ola, very Polish looking, but very friendly and simple) who come over every now and then.
I have a bathroom in my room, an HD TV, a 20 meters length balcony, a huge kitchen and high speed internet.
Every morning I leave home at 7:45 and I got to work around 8:50. The office’s great, small and warm. My colleagues are from all over the world and are really simple people.
The office is leaded by a German guy and a Dutch one, which means “Order and freedom”, cool!
I really can’t complain about anything! I’m happy and in a very good mood.

I’ll take a little longer to talk to you about Warsaw, because, so far, I’ve only see it by night and it doesn’t look very beautiful. I didn’t have a very good impression about the girls either… but I’ll talk to you in a week about that, ok?

Talk to me about you, also, please!


The building where I live

Here’s Warsaw

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1. Judith - January 19, 2008

240 square meters??? I want to move in!!!

2. scarfaccio - January 21, 2008

Yes, three rooms, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet, big entrance… plus, a big balcony, not bad huh?

3. Judith - January 24, 2008

I will come over soon and confiscate your apartment! 😛

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