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Growing up November 11, 2007

Posted by scarfaccio in What's new.

Some of you knows that two weeks ago I’ve been operated on my knee.
A month and a half ago, during the Wednesday training with my teammates, I broke the cruciate ligament of my right knee. It was REALLY painful! They didn’t operated me immediately, then I had to wait until the knee recovered by itself. As soon as I was able to walk normally without crutches, they fixed the date of the surgery. On the early morning of the 29th November, they opened my knee and with four titanium screws they fixed it. Three hours surgery… nice!
At present I have a gadget on my leg which I gotta carry 24/7 and still I gotta perambulate with crutches.
Due to this fact I decided to give up with soccer in the future coz I don’t want to live another period like this one any more! Once you can stand it, twice I would probably freak out!
In this period I realized that friendship doesn’t exist (actually this isn’t a new issue) and this is a little sad, but life sucks and there is no way to change it. Nobody but my sweet Judith and Manuela (she’s probably the only friend I have) came to the hospital to visit me, or at least called me to know how I was doing. Nothing, nobody! And do you know the most annoying thing? Afterwards, they started coming up with boring excuses. I’m a blunt person and I would like people to be sincere too. I would have appreciated more a phrase like:
“…I didn’t come to visit because, c’mon… we’re not so close friends to make me waste my after-work-free-time just to visit you! But I’m glad you’re ok!”.
Well, this would have been better instead of the most general excuses. No way, if you care about somebody, you get in contact with the person!
Although, all this crap made me climb some more step on the long stair that leads to maturity. I achieved some very good milestones in my life, and I acknowledged some important truths.
Once more I’ve been defeated, but I’m still there and it isn’t over yet!


1. Judith - November 13, 2007

Hey, I was there every day and you didn’t even mention it. 😦

2. scarfaccio - November 13, 2007

You’re right, but it was kinda obvious!
You are the only one who’s always there in the early morning and at night.

Thank you darling!

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