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What a wonderful world February 9, 2007

Posted by scarfaccio in Interesting.

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Dear mates,

probably all of you have already noticed that there are little things that turn a normal day into a nice day. Little things, events, or actions that are very very very delightful. I’m really curious to know what are they for you!

Here’s my hints:
1) 18 o’clock, one gets home and takes his shoes off…..WOW!!!
2) 18:04 , one takes his long black smart socks off and start scratching….WOOOOWWW!!!
3) During working time one got a tea and let the sugar cube melting by holding it with two fingers
4) Opening your e-mail account and see some old friend’s mail
5) Leaving abroad: receiving a box from your family and feel the smells of your native house
6) An old woman’s smile when you let her sit on your seat in the Underground
7) A present from somebody in an unexpected day
8.) …………………………..
9) ………………………..
10) ……………………………..

Add anything you think makes your day better.


1. scarfaccio - February 10, 2007

Waking up in the morning and receiving a well done blow job!
Sorry for being rude….but that’s true!!!!

2. LadyMiao (Selv) - February 14, 2007

– a warm shower in a cold day
– waking up with the coffee smell in the air
– waking up hugging/being hugged by the loved one
– a sincere compliment from an unexpected person
– receiving a letter from a far-away friend
– make a gift

more to come…. ^^

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