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Injured soccer February 6, 2007

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Pretty angry, pissed off, incazzato nero, bravo pra carralho!!!!Always better
What’s this shit? How people can be so stupid? Something has to change!
I’m talking about the facts happened in Catania the night of the 2nd February. For a night that should have been the celebration of the return of the big soccer in Sicily, people should have been happy and the choreography should have been the only main issue of the game! soccer1395.jpgDespite any wonderful media celebration, against all the best purposes, disappointing the cheerful best italian anchorman Pippo Baudo, the fans
have been able to turn a wonderful soccer match in a horror movie. Dario Argento couldn’t write a better play script. Moreover where it happened? In Sicily! So international medias are plead to used the most common prose. Der Spiegel wasn’t waiting for anything better than this to hit out against us. This is the point, this is the focus point! I’m plenty of things to say, I could write pages and pages about this issue and my journalistic side of my soul would be proud of such a nice literary production, but for once I just don’t want to bother my reader and I wanna write what my heart wanna scream, for once I wanna go downstraight:


If at least one of this ultrás is reading this text, please, I’d be pleased to know he got that the upper exclamation is for him and for those which are transforming the sport I love in a shitty demonstration of animal violence. I love this sport, I’ve played it, and due to my fucked up ankles I can’t play it any more, so the only pleasure left I have is watching (with many difficulties here in Germany) the italian league on Sunday.
You don’t like soccer….animals don’t do it!


el mundo
the New York Times
le Monde


1. ile - February 6, 2007

io non ho parole per quanto è successo a Catania..se non che gli italiani mi deludono sempre di più…il nostro paese sta proprio regredendo..in tutti i sensi!!!! non sto esagerando, è la verità!amare il calcio?questo è fanatismo e ignoranza messi insieme.I provvedimenti che sono stati presi, secondo me sono più che giusti.

2. scarfaccio - February 6, 2007

Concordo su tutto,
però sarà che questi provvedimenti saranno abbastanza? Bisognerebbe essere ancora più duri, multare i calciatori che insultano un altro calciatore di colore, non farli più giocare per tutta la stagione, punire foretemente razzismo e violenza, senza pietà!!!!!!!!!

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