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Shoot the italian tourist, please! January 10, 2007

Posted by scarfaccio in Pizza Connection.

Dear friends,
how have you spent your holidays? Have you relaxed enough? Have you spent enough time with your families? Eaten like pigs?

This time for me has been completely different from the other years.

In the morning of the 23rd December I landed to Bergamo and I spent one week with my family. Good things came from my brother and my niece. My brother got addicted to Guitar Hero and we spent most of the time together playing a fake guitar with coulored buttons in front of a TV in his room.
My niece grew up and started saying some interesting words. She’s sweet as always and finally I could spend a lot of time with her due to the fact that I was sleeping and living in my sister’s apartment; she got sick, but even though it was a great pleasure to stay close to her, playing with her, make her sleep….

On the 30th I came back to Frankfurt and I spent my New Year’s Eve in the most simple way ever: I had dinner in a Thailandish restaurant, then around midnight I went to the Römer Platz where many people where celebrating with tons of fireworks. Also by the river there where a fabulous pirotechnic show!

Two days later I rented a car and I left Frankfurt to have a trip around east Europe. As usual, no plans!!!

Berlin: amazing! Simply magnificent! Not many words to say, just: go there, see it, touch the wall, visit the Wall Museum and go to ex-east-Berlin especially during the night!!! UNIQUE!

Dresden: a castle in the center of the city (like Torino), a very historic center, clean, different, real east Germany: CHARMING!

Prag: there are very few things that I can say that you haven’t heard already about it. then I want you to give an advice: in the center of the city (Nerudova 10) there is a place where they rent wonderful double rooms for very cheap prices (€ 50) and the view is straight on the city. Romantic, comfortable and the owners are very kind! Is not a Hotel, then be ready to real rooms!!! (www.castlesteps.com)
Beside, there is a thing that really annoyed me in Prag: the italian tourism! The city was crowded of italians. They were everywhere and they made the highest noise ever, they speak with a loud voice, they think because they are on holiday, they can do whatever, but why? Why do we have to disrespect everything and everybody? We look like freed monkeys! Once, a very close friend of mine called Massimiliano, told me that we should vote for a referendum in Italy in order to set up a test for those italians which wanted to go abroad. A test of general culture!!!
Once upon the time, when the italians went abroad were boasting a very high esteem overseas! And when an Italian approached a foreign girl, her reaction was: “oh!” :-), nowadays is “oh!” 😦
So let’s start collecting signatures for “Mximilian’s referendum”…. I’m the first, here’s my signature:
Pietro Faccio


1. Francetta - January 11, 2007

Hallo bro, as you can see… here’s my comment!!!!!
I’m happy about YOUR happiness and quiteness: I’ve seen, at once, you are ok, first of all with yourself!
I thought a lot about our “be italian” in the world: I just want to tell that we are made in this way. Theese are our peculiarities! Other people (noth-european ones) is maybe more quite and silenciuous, but are you sure they are enough sympa?
Ciao fratello, buona fortuna!

2. ile - January 11, 2007

bello il tuo mini viaggetto!!!
e per quanto riguarada gli italiani all’estero vedo che la pensiamo allo stesso modo..a volte esagerano davvero!
by francoforte 30 dic ’06 ^__^

3. scarfaccio - January 12, 2007

Ile said:
Nice your mini-trip!!!
And for what concerns Italians abroad I see we think the same way…sometimes they really exaggerate!

4. scarfaccio - January 12, 2007

Reply to Francetta:

In some way you’re right my sweet sister, but the problem is that there are different ways to be Italians, by instance:
“Poets, saints and navigators”
instead of
“Pizza, spaghetti, mandolino, mamma”!

I’m just disappointed about the way “…e io pago!” (…and I pay!) that make them so vexatious. You know, people like you and your husband (Luca) are very delightful to meet, but some other….

Keep writing dudes!

5. Francetta - January 15, 2007

a very good “faccia di minchia!”
Anyway, I agree with you, but I think we have to thanks television programms: they make us unappropriate une day more.
Ciau ne

6. ASHLEY BASTETH - January 15, 2007


7. Filippo - January 15, 2007

Hi Pietro (and everyone at Nintendo-Frankfurt)!
I hope you had a good come back to work: I was thinking to all of you at 8.45 AM of Monday 8th!
I spent a very good New Year’s Day in Rome, where I met some Italian friends from Nintendo: it was beautiful and strange to met them again, in a city different from Frankfurt. It was the first time I was in Rome during the New Year’s Day, and it was absolutely fun playing around all night long.
I miss you everybody, but I’m sure we will meet again, maybe not too late in time…

(P.S. – the picture of Judith – hi Judith! – “talking” about how the world works is really good!)

8. scarfaccio - January 17, 2007

Hi Ludmillo Filippo Federico Maria Caggiani,
everybody send a very big hug to you too and desire a very huge luck with your project! Everybody remember you with a very big affection!

We miss you,

9. scarfaccio - January 17, 2007

Dear Francetta,
what da fu–k are you saying?!?!?!? TV?!?!?!?
Are you complaining about Pippo Baudo, Mike PortafortunaBuongiorno, Jerry RotoloneScottex, Big Nose Amadeus?!?!?!?!

Vabbé…..baciammo le mani!


10. Tegs - January 22, 2007

Hi Pietro!

I guess I have to agree with you on the Italian tourist front, certainly in Prague anyway. The Italians I met in Italy were all really great people, fun to be with and always laughing and enjoying life. However, the Italian tourists in Prague were a nightmare – they were the worst of all the nationalities over there (except maybe some of the English, who were equally obnoxious). But hey, the rest of you guys are lovely! :oD

11. sachsen - February 4, 2020

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