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Everybody makes his point January 5, 2007

Posted by scarfaccio in Interesting.

Dear friends,
we finally got in the best time of the year for some of us, or one of the worst period of the year for somebody else!

Well, I feel very inappropriate to all these holidays. First of all, I don’t know what the hell I’m celebrating on Christmas time, Jesus Christ’s birth? I hardly believe in God, but for sure I can’t believe in a Catholic convention which doesn’t represents me at all.
Presents make me nervous, I often receive useless things and I probably give useless stuff, but the problem is not that, I would prefer receiving and giving gifts when I feel it, in an unexpected moment of the year, and everybody’s birthday. It’s definitely better….I think!

New Year’s Eve is a different discussion. It would be a great moment to celebrate, it’s a pagan feast and it represents the chance for everybody to restart, improve, or make something better. But in the last years I realised everybody wanna have the best moment ever and at the end the night usually turns in a boring moment.

How should we (people who doesn’t like this period) behave? What should we do?
Should we face the situation smiling to everybody, or we ought to disappear for the whole period?

What’s your feeling about it?


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